Quickly & Easily, So You Can

Put Your Best Foot Forward

We prepared ‘TOOLA’, a total foot care beauty item that can resolve all these problems at once. You can easily take care of your feet by immediately using it on your dry feet for just 1 minute a day.

super-easy self care

TOOLA is a home-use foot care file that is made of 100% glass. The embedded glass etching technique is used to protect the skin and effectively remove dry-skin. It is also hygienic and easy to wash.

2-STEP Efficiency

The STEP 1 surface of TOOLA removes the hard dead skin cells that are stuck in between your skin. The STEP 2 surface effectively exfoliates the soft dead skin cells that are spread all over the epidermis of your skin.

1 Minute Care

We implemented all the necessary technology into TOOLA to allow you to gently and effectively exfoliate your feet in its dry state. You no longer have to waste your time soaking them in water.

Easy to wash

TOOLA is made out of 100% glass material, which allows all dead skin cells to rinse away with water.

Compact size

TOOLA is very light and compact. It is light enough to take it to your travel destinations and business trips.