Committed to Keeping Your body Clean

TOOLA is a body care brand striving for “greatness beyond goodness” as well as “health and beauty”. TOOLA’s goal is to create beauty TOOLS of the finest quality through innovative ideas and design. 

our misson


Now though the TOOLA’s two missions below,

1. Easy and safe self-home care: You can experience the ultimate home care with a beauty device that is easy for anyone to use and is even packed with powerful effects.

2. Beauty routine that’ll fill your daily life with pleasure: Ditching the boring and difficult beauty routines, the fun and pleasant TOOLA device presents self-beauticians with a special beauty routine.

our Journety

It was essential for TOOLA to have a definite point of differentiation compared to other beauty products in the existing market as it presented ‘innovative beauty’ as its slogan.


In the process of developing TOOLA, we decided to use 100% glass material and applied a different exfoliating method in contrast to other existing foot files. Producing TOOLA through the hypoallergenic glass-etching technology upgraded the product effectiveness and also eliminated any factors that cause skin irritation. 


‘TOOLA’ is a safe, high performance, and elegantly designed product that fulfills consumers’ needs and promotes innovative beauty.