The semiconductor technique

Toola uses the glass material made out of glass-etching technology, which is one of the semiconductor technique and is  effectively removes all the dead skin cells without irritating the skin. 

nano-etching Technology

TOOLA removes the dead skin cells without damaging your skin. The semiconductor technique has been integrated on glass to create nano patterns with tiny bumps on the contact surface.

The glass-etching technology creates flat top surfaces on the tiny bumps that form the glass pattern, which reduces skin irritation. Also, the body parts of the bumps have been manufactured in the curvature form with an appropriate angle to effectively exfoliate the dead skin cells. 


These chemically processed glass bumps are effective because they can penetrate into the dead skin cells based on their angle. They are also in the cylindrical shape, which allows the dead skin cells to be cleansed away easily.

제조사 (1).jpg


In the video below, you can see that the TOOLA product is fine when the product is dropped from the shoulder position of an adult man. It is not easily broken through a durable tempered glass material and special epoxy coating.